Friday, June 10, 2011

Peter Molyneux is up to no good again!

I hate Peter Molyneux with a passion. Time and time again he promises all the seemingly awesome features to each of the Fable games and every time never kept those promises. Now, Molyneux says that Microsoft came directly to him and asked Lionhead to make a Kinect Fable game. So, they are making Fable: Journey, a 40 hour first person carriage ride.

The first part of the demo is a guy riding on a horse-drawn carriage for 5 minutes, constantly having to move the reins back and forth because the horse is a drunken retard. Molyneux goes on a spiel about how you can travel for hours and miles and miles and in different climates and environments. This isn’t at all interesting because no one wants to ride a fucking horse for hours on end.

It then shows us the guy off the carriage and doing some first-person fighting. This would be cool and all, if only you could see your goddamn hands while casting magic. This is absolutely pathetic. Why make a game in first person if you can see the actions you are performing in first person? Absolutely pathetic. Hopefully Crytek’s Ryse is the opposite of this, which it looks like it is going to be.

Molyneux begins talking about the magic system “It is your magic system, we don’t tell you must do it this way, it’s completely designed by you” Will you just shut the fuck up? Molyneux never fails at telling you what they’re not telling you to do in their games. You can do whatever you want! No, there’s a select amount of features you can do and certain combinations. It isn’t as cool as it sounds and it never will be. Molyneux does this EVERY SINGLE TIME. He makes it sound like there are infinite possibilities in all of the games when there is really a small amount and makes it out to sound HUGE.

Notice how I’m only mentioning Molyneux? It’s because he’s the only bad part about Lionhead Studios. If he was not involved, the games they put out would be MUCH better. Sure, we might not have the Fable series, but at least we’d have a series that didn’t promise so much and give so little every time.

This is I think the worst so far. Somehow we can control the horse even though we have no arms, and the same goes with the combat. In Fable: The Journey, you play as an amputee with telekinetic powers. This isn't Half-Life 2 from 7 years ago. They should be able to show hands now. This is Molyneux’s most pathetic attempt yet.

Molyneux, go fucking die already. No one likes you.

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